The Center for Research is an Autonomous Research Department of the Southeast Asian Institute of Public Management Inc. It is a research organization with projects on a global scale. The Center for Research operates under a Strategic Framework developed and adopted by the SAIPM’s Board of Trustees which recognizes the center’s key role in achieving the long term plans of the Institute.

The Center for Research has four Institutes under its mandate:


SAI Launches its High-speed Cloud Sever

Multiple redundancies, unlimited traffic handling-capacity,  unlimited storage and bandwidth. Southeast Asian Institute has the most advanced IT Infrastructure in Mindanao!..

SAI Develops Indigenous Art Skills Curriculum

The Center for Research has successfully developed a progressive curricula in Traditional Design: Weaving, Embroidery and Beadwork covering PQF Levels..

SAI’s Advanced IT Team developed COVID-19 Mapping System

To address the information gap on COVID-19, The Southeast Asian Institute deployed its Realtime Mapping System that tracked down cases..

Battling COVID-19: SAI Produces 200 Gallons of Alcohol

In 2020, through its Advanced Alternative Energy Research Facility, the Southeast Asian Institute successfully produced more than  200 gallons of..